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      Report on company’s social responsibilities

      1.     Improve the system and build a democratic management model

      Now, Truking Feiyun has a variety of democratic management systems such as the staff congress system and constantly improves the existing management system. We are striving to achieveclearly defined rights and responsibilities, scientific management. Hold regular meetings of workers' representatives so that all workers can participate in management and guarantee their democratic rights. Improve the archives of democratic management; regularly make a report to all workers on  work progress and existing problems.Review the rules and regulations of the company at the meeting especially the rewards and punishment, welfare and others related to employees’ personal interests and make them public to the employees.

      2. Reject discrimination and avoid multiple employment standards

      When it comes to hiring, compensation and promotion,Truking Feiyun firmly eradicates all forms of discriminations uch as race, social class, physical disability and sex discrimination. The company's staff proportion of old, middle-age and young people and the proportion of men and women are all in a coordinated state. There are not only highly educated technical development and management personnel, but also less educated front-line common workers, providing equal employment opportunities for the employees.

      3. Integrity management and insist open and transparent development

      Integrity is one of the cornerstones of the enterprise culture of Truking Feiyun. This company makes effort to createan integrity business enterprise by having good faith in management, market, finance,moral and others. This company carry out integrity management and responsible for employees, protect employees' legitimate rights and interests;provide various benefits according to the regulations. In addition, we should be responsible for the lots of investors, make timely information disclosure, insist the open and transparent development, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Keep the good faith in the contract, eliminate the fraud of the contractand regard the good faith as the right way of Truking Feiyun.We are going to establish the good social image of Truking Technology Co., Ltd by improving integrity culture and promoting integrity management.

      4. People oriented and create harmonious labor relations

      Truking Feiyun has a large number of laid-off workers and cadres from large and medium-sized enterprises in Hunan provincecurrently. Every year, it receives and arranges a batch of college students, veterans and other workers to solve their problems of employment and social security.

      Truking Feiyun advocates “moderate and healthy interpersonal relationship", creates a "healthy, harmonious, equal and developing" atmosphere  and regards establishing moderate and healthy interpersonal relationship as an important part of enterprise culture.

      5. Strict requirements and pay attention to healthy and safeoccupation

      In order to ensure the safety and health of employees when they work, Truking Feiyun has taken corresponding measures in terms of technology, equipment, organizational system and education. Each workshop carries out daily safety and regular self-inspection; In addition, the Safety Committee organizes regular inspection every month. New staff will have training about safety knowledge, ensure everyone has safety awareness; Take appropriate measures to minimize hazards in the work environment to avoid health hazards caused by accidents when theywork. Pay attention to the enter prise development as well as the establishment of enterprise social responsibility system.

      6. Healthy development and insist the strategy of sustainable development

      Truking Feiyun always stands on the Global position, follows closely the national development strategy and insistssustainable development. In terms of healthy development, we should resolutely eliminate the products that bring seriously pollution and take the initiative to develop high-efficiency, energy-saving, clean and pollution-free products. In terms of resource conservation, every department has jointly formulated detailed plans to save.It eliminates resource waste and saves production costs. In the management process, management ofproduction、quality、 marketing and other aspects all adhere tothe idea of sustainable development strategy. A scientific and reasonable clean production management system has established. Through a variety of ways to save energy and costs to create profits and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

      7. Devote public welfare and strive to be a model of the social responsibilities

      Truking Feiyun pursues win-win cooperation with the whole society while develop enterprise. Actively performs social responsibilities and supports public welfare establishments. This company sets up afund and other ways to help the poor. In addition, donates to support reconstruction in disaster-stricken areas, constructspoor villages and nursing homes for the elderly, supports students from poor families to go to school, guides students from vocational colleges and universities to obtain employment and provides internship opportunities, helps and guides young people to start their own businesses, etc., all about these this company are striving to be a model of social responsibilities.


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