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      All staff mobilization, Truking held funny games

      Date:2018/5/4 9:32:49 Reading:453

      "Five" passions.

      In 2018, the Truking Technology funny games started
      With our countdown, feel the atmosphere on the spot.

      Let me introduce the players

      The numbers of girls are less than boys

      Xie shengbin who is the secretary of theTruking party committee gave a speech.

      The 29th summer Olympic Gamesheld in Beijing a decade ago which still make us blood boil. This grand sporting event is unprecedented showing China's development to the world. After four years, the 24th winter Olympic Games will also be held in Beijing in 2022.

      Sports carry the dream of national prosperity and national rejuvenation.A strong sport makes China strongand a strong country brings prosperity. We will continue to open up new prospects for the development of China's sports industry and accelerate the construction of China. This is what Chairman Xi Jinpingsaid. For a business, I think we should do these to make our company better.

      Today, we start the 2nd funny games of Truking! For a manufacturing entity like Truking, thousands of employees need such a platform and opportunity to spread sweat and promote the spirit of sports. Chairman Xi Jinping also said: the most touching thing about the major events is not attaining the gold medal, but showing the Olympic spirit. That's what the Chinese people say about self-improvement.

      This is exactly what Truking people said persistent, strive to achieve excellent through persistent! Now I declare thatthe second funny games of Truking start!

      Live coverage of the funny games.

      On May 29th,five groups played tug of war, Plan Control department, Biological Engineering department, Process Quality department, Parts and Components Manufacturing departmentfour teams beat their opponent won the game with their advantages. After three rounds of the fierce battle Research and Development of Sterile Line department beat the Pressure Vessel department won the game which led by Mr. Xie Shengbin. In last night's basketball match, the Component Manufacturing department finally won the game by a big score, and the final score was 55:32 compared with Project Management department.

      On May 30th,

      It took only 20 minutes for the six teams to finish the match, especially the Sterile Product Assembly unit that came first, winning the first round just five seconds after the whistle was sounded, and the second round also failed to give opponents a chance to level the match.

      The foreign guests joined the Project Management department as "foreign aid". After fierce competition, they finally lost to the national brand of "TrukingFeiyun".

      In addition, Parts and Components department defeated Biological Engineering department, Pressure Vessels departmentdefeated Oral Liquid department and Logistics Product Lines department. Freeze-Drying department Research and Development department failed the Domestic After-sales Service department.



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