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      Chongqing medicine machine exhibition

      Date:2018/5/4 9:32:45 Reading:357

      The 55th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (Spring 2018) were held in Chongqing International Exposition Center from April 20th to 22th. The members of Truking Family presented their representative achievements to the industry.

      Products such as the latest AIM80 automatic lamp detector of Truking,Truking WaterTown hot-pressed distilled water machine, Truking Feiyun NJP capsule filling machine and Romaco group multi-functional fluidized bed granulator haveattracted great attention from the industry.

      Industry trends

      Intelligent and whole solutions

      Professional exhibitions are a great bellwether for the development of the industry. It is reported, this pharmaceutical machinery exposition has nearly 1000 domestic and foreign exhibitor, exhibited covered preparation machinery, raw material medicine machinery, medicine packing machinery and so on ,including 8 big kinds almost ten thousand sets of equipment. What are the trends in the pharmaceutical equipment industry? As a leading enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical equipment in China, the dynamic of Truking in the exhibition also gives the answer: Intelligent andOverall solutions.

      Truking Feiyun–Chairman Ye Dajin

      We have a common feeling: the market demand for the overall solutions is obviously increasing, and many customers asked how to further develop the integrated solutions when they attended the exhibitions. Truking always advocates integrated solutions. As far as the field of solid preparation is concerned, Truking also has a very good foundation. Romaco is the leader in this field with advanced front-end technology such as tablet press and granulator, and Truking technology also has a good foundation in the post-wrapping line.

      For example, the remote control function of the product has appeared. No matter where the device is running, we can provide remote online support. Intellectualization and the overall solutions are not only the industry trend but also the customers ’request. We are full of confidence to be better in Truking family.

      Intelligent and overall solutions are the trend of the industry. Truking has been making steady progress in transforming to the integrated solution supplier of the pharmaceutical industry of 4.0 intelligent factory. Truking has strong competitiveness in the field of water preparation equipment, Truking WaterTown is the leader in the field of water production, and the Sichuan pharmaceutical design institute of Truking is engaged in medical engineering design services, while Romaco group's advantages in the field of solid preparation form a good complementary effect withTruking technology.

      Develop intelligent overall solution, Truking has strong power. Chairman of Truking Tang Yue, said to the media to build 4.0 smart pharmaceutical factory as a whole solution provider for enterprise to bring the enormous space for growth, for example, building a 500 million Yuan medicine factory, Truking can only support to the projects of 50 million Yuan in the past which mainly a single pharmaceutical production line, Truking can support 500 million Yuan to provide products and solutions of the whole system in the future.


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