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      Integrating into the big family of Truking, the equipment of Truking Feiyun

      Date:2018/6/30 16:06:58 Reading:431

      Integrating into Truking  family, the equipment of Truking Feiyun has taken a new step, which is not only our own honor, but also the reaction of users proved it . The equipment has made a lot of improvements in various aspects of technology, customers came to our exhibition to see our products have  changed greatly, many people say that our products are "bright" up, this is the first visual impact to the audience.
      We tell our customers why we should change it, such as easier disassembly, more transparent ,very intuitive, more convenient adjustment. In the two or three days of the exhibition, a lot of key customers attended, customer-centered, customer response conveyed the real signal, in the Truking  family, our products, sales and other aspects have greatly improved.

      We have a common feeling: the market demand for the overall solutions is obviously increasing, and many customers asked how to further develop the integrated solutions when they attended the exhibitions. Truking always advocates integrated solutions. As far as the field of solid preparation is concerned, Truking also has a very good foundation. Romaco is the leader in this field with advanced front-end technology such as tablet press and granulator, and Truking technology also has a good foundation in the post-wrapping line.

      For example, the remote control function of the product has appeared. No matter where the device is running, we can provide remote online support. Intellectualization and the overall solutions are not only the industry trend but also the customers ’request.We are full of confidence to be betterinTrukingfamily.


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