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       Chairman Ye Dajin talks about the Transformation
      of Zhejiang Feiyun Enterprise


      As China's reform and opening-up policy enter a new era, enterprises face new opportunities and challenges in their transformation and upgrading. Zhejiang FeiyunTechnology Co., Ltd has capsule filling machine,medicinal high purity nitrogen generatorand other series of products which  enjoy a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. This company lacks of power of development because of our consistent production.If you want to expand business and be a stronger enterprise, you must be change the original simple manufacture enterprises to innovative one, to be the leader of your industry. Therefore, in the first half of 2018 company moved to Changsha totally, Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Co., Ltd  brings advanced patent technology and strong production technology team.Combined withTruking Technology Co., Ltd which leading the national pharmaceutical equipment industry, and joint venture a company" Truking Feiyun ", Carrying out four promotion projects including production equipment, technology innovation, quality control, enterprise brand.We will increase investment for scientific research and integrate forces of research and development to accelerate the development of technology and products for the overall solutions of solid preparations. Through the above efforts, “Truking Feiyun" will show you a brand new look with better products, better quality and more thoughtful service to say thanks to the new and old users for our "Truking Feiyun" (Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Co., Ltd) support.


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